FAGUS Paper Trim Optimization

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The reduction of waste in the finishing departement is one of the biggest cost-cutting potential of a paper or board mill. Together with our customers we are continuously working on improvements to take full advantage of this potential.

Result is an optimization system for reels and sheet orders, which focuses on the planner, optimally supported by our software. Our Experience shows that an annual production of 200,000 tons may sav’s of up to 500,000 €.

The focus of Fagus Paper not only the waste. As the experience of production engineers show there, depending on the operational situation, other aspects are also involved in the planning process. For this reason, our optimization delivers up to 20 results in an optimization run, from which the designer can choose the best for him.

The decision of the planner is supported by the assessment of the result in €. This review is based on defined values and is used for automatic results of our optimization routine, as well as manually created cutting instructions. Our ultimate goal is to offer the best possible result in order to minimize manual intervention. In addition, we provide a user interface that allows for post processing of the results a comfortable handling. The distribution of production documents on various routes are possible.

An optional optimization method is the scheduling of incorrect production. Selected orders may be related to partly limited quality on produced paper or board. Under the given conditions is the usage as best as possible.

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Trim optimization

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